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 Interview! Starring Luka Ahlstrom!

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PostInterview! Starring Luka Ahlstrom!

Strife(Aids): Hello Luka.

Luka: Yo strife.

Aids: Ready for Vortex's next interview?

Luka: Indeed.

Aids: So how are you feeling today Luka?

Luka: Tired as hell. Had a long day at work.

Aids: Work's a bitch. Now tell me, when did you start spriting, how long have you been spriting for, and what brought you to Vortex?

Luka: hahaha, technically I've been spriting since I was in about 6th grade.
Sooo.... 8 years? Maybe 9.
but I never really tried bettering myself til about 2007.
So 5 years I guess.
I used to make comics with my friend using Megaman Battle Network sprites and then started with Kirby.
And then I realized I could start making my own sprites,
So I started making Rurouni Kenshin and Dragonball sprites.
Then eventually I signed onto the current Vortex and sprited Batman and the Joker.

Aids: I see, natural way of coming to Vortex, do you still have your VERY first sprites? Even before the Batman and the Joker?

Luka: Definitely not. My sprites have been deleted many times, so the farthest back I can go is the first topic I made on Vortex- the Batman and Joker sprites
And now they're all included in the same sheet that i make every single sprite in.

Aids: Can I see the Batman and Joker?


Aids: Who is your main custom?

Luka: Main custom is Razen. The Lone Saiyan Ranger. Comes from a what-if universe where Frieza was unable to kill off the Saiyans and they just continued to grow stronger and stronger until they dominated the universe. In this world, Saiyans have grown so strong in their base forms that they've found it completely unnecessary to transform beyond Super Saiyan. Therefor, Razen doesn't have any form past ssj1.

Aids: Interesting. May I see a picture?


Aids: xD Nicee. Where do you get your creativeness from and what do you usually sprite?

Luka: I'm most partial to spriting DBZ characters. That's also where my creativity comes from. Haha

Aids: Lol well, who are your inspirations?

Luka: Uhhmm.... Definitely Jayden, Afro and Onis
(But don't tell them that)
just kidding. they already know i think

Aids: who were your inspirations when you first started spriting?

Luka: Uuummmmm.... Probably the same people? hahah but you can include Kojin and DAM in there since they're no longer with us (R.I.P.)

Aids: Nice. Okay, final question. Do you have any hidden projects?

Luka: Well if I answered that question they wouldn't be very hidden would they ;-)

Aids: Nice having you here and that ends our Interview, thank you so much for being here.

Luka: Thank you sir.
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Interview! Starring Luka Ahlstrom! :: Comments

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Interview! Starring Luka Ahlstrom!

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