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General Rules

Post in the relevant section of the board.
Posts not put in the right area of the forum will be moved; if the offender continues to make this mistake, they will be warned via PM. If they persist, they will be either warned or banned.

Respect all members of the board.
Members of any rank (whether new or veteran) are to be given the same degree of respect. Rudeness of any kind (deliberately provocative or insulting posts; harassment, personal attacking and baiting) unless it has been officially classed as harmless will not be tolerated, and immediate sanctions will be dealt. Take into consideration too that we have younger members on this board, so understand that they will not immediately take things in the same context that an older member would. Blanket statement: be nice, otherwise sanctions are in order.

Be civil at all times.
While debating, remain level headed. Be cautious with your words; you have the freedom to say what you want, not the freedom to be an insulting and detestable jerk. Respect others points of view regardless of the topic. We hold the right to remove any offensive content without notice.

Language. Be meaningful.
Unless done for appropriate humorous effect, no AIM/MSN/text messaging posts. Swearing is allowed, but in moderation; if used in excess, you will be warned. Inappropriate use of slurs and other offensive terms will not be tolerated.

No topics to bitch about personal issues.
DBZ Vortex is not a playground for complaining about your life. Do not use this place to complain about personal issues, problems you have with other places or other with members. This is not the same however as critiquing about aspects of the forum - this is a allowed in the Questions and Suggestions forum. Staff discretion is allowed when dealing with topics on this matter.

No spamming, trolling or advertising allowed.
Spam is to be removed by staff, and the member is to be dealt with by PM. This covers any kind of posts which is off tangent to the topic at hand and short/one word posts. If your posts indicate that they are made for the role purpose of increasing your post count, you will be sanctioned. Trolls will be warned or banned (immediate bans can be dealt without prior warnings). Linking to a relevant site is allowed, as is using your signature to promote your personal site (adverts may be edited or removed dependant upon the site content, these edits are made at the staff member's discretion). Full topics devoted to promoting other sites are not allowed, unless they have been verified by the staff or bear direct relevance to the forum and its community.

Illegal content is absolutely prohibited.
You should be aware of what is legal and what isn't by now. No links to pornorgaphy, hacks, cracks, free movie/music downloads, etc. Immediate warnings are to be dealt for members who breach this rule.

Gravedigging is forbidden.
Unless you are the author, posting in a topic that has not received replies for 1 month (counted as 4 weeks: 28 days - leeway is given by a maximum of 2days) is constituted as a "gravedig". This is not productive, as it pushes popular topics from the top of the page - repeat offences of this will result in bans.

No multiple accounts.
If you have another sibling who may use the same computer as you, inform the staff as soon as possible. Multiple accounts are only allowed for members who have siblings in the same household, and you are to ask the staff of this beforehand. If you are caught utilising more than one account, you will be banned immediately.

Do not mini-mod/backseat mod.
If a member breaches a rule, report this. Moderators are here to take care of the situation. If you take the situation into your own hands, you will be sanctioned. This is especially the case if you continue to scold a member through restating their offences - this constitutes as spam.

Finally, you have common sense - use it.
In all honesty, this shouldn't even require being a rule, but every once in a while, people seem to not grasp the concept of common sense. The rules will not cover every instance of an offence to happen, so use the common sense that you possess as a human being to understand that not every situation will be handled "by the book". Most problems can be solved by abiding by the rules and applying common sense where the rules are not covered.

The General Rules are open to revision and additions at any time by the DBZ Vortex administration staff without prior notice.

Forum-Specific Rules

Staff Notification Board
Only use this forum to report member's actions which breach the rules. This is not a forum for discussion or debate.

Use this forum and only this forum to introduce yourself or announce a departure.

Questions & Suggestions
Questions about the Site, the Forum and the Dragonball Anime/Manga series are to be asked here. Complaints and feedback are also to be channelled here - again, this is different from bitching. That is prohibited.

Random Banter
The general rules are relaxed here - going off tangent should not reach staggering levels, but if your posts are perceived to be genuinely offensive, you will still be sanctioned.

Sub-forum: Comic Auditions
Content needing to be gathered for your comic go here, not in the Comics Central parent forum.

Sub-forum: Literature
Stories to be told in the form of text and not using images go here. In short, all fan fictions are for this place.


Unhelpful criticism is not tolerated.
This ranges from giving posts merely saying "1000/10" or "0/10" to saying "sheet it" or "crap" and simply tearing a sprite to shreds without actually giving what should be improved. This is the only way for new members to improve - tell them what should be improved, but not through ripping their sprite to pieces. If you are a veteran, remember that you were once a newbie, but you received help to get where you are now. Warnings and bans will be dealt to repeating offenders.

Give full credit for the work that you use.
Credit tags exist on sprite sheets for a reason: to tell you who is to be credited for the sheet you are viewing. Removing this is a direct violation, and an act of theft, which will be harshly acted upon. Do not lie about not using someone else's content if you have, as this will increase your sanction.

Do not cry and whine if you aren’t credited for your work.
Per contra to the previous note, if you aren't credited, do not go off on a fit about it. Report this in the Staff Notification Board ASAP and the staff will take care of it. Making topics to complain about this constitutes as bitching, and will be dealt with accordingly. Refer to the Sprite Theft Guidelines for help.


Respect the staff.
This ties in with the first rule on respect for everybody else. Love us or hate us, our decisions are final. If you have a problem with us, do not turn it into a manifesto; take it up privately. Show respect for us, and we'll give the deserving kindness and respect back to you.

Understand that we use the "Rule of Thumb".
By this, what is meant is that we use our own judgement on occasion in situations, so not everything will be dealt with as though the rules list is doctrinal. Our discretion will be used to access many a situation, so do not think that you will not be punished simply because what you've done is 'technically' not on the rules list, or because a certain staff member has handled the situation at that moment in time.

We will try to be friendly in general, but do not try to make us your friend, personally.
Especially when it comes to PM boxes. We get flooded with messages from members asking us to be chummy with them, but the fact is that it is not professional. Personal communication with staff on the forum should only occur when all other routes of communication have failed. Friends and established members may message staff within reason, but do not use this as an opportunity to ask for favours. You will be ignored, and if you are persistent, you will be either warned or banned.

We hold Staff Rights (Disclaimer).
All staff have the right to right to administer punishment to any member who commits an offence at any period of the day. Said punishment is allowed to vary depending on the staff member, time of the day or mood of the punisher. In short - do not catch or place a member of staff in a foul mood.

As a member, you agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where DBZ Vortex Staff hails from, or International Law. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned. The IP address of all posts are recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. You agree that DBZ Vortex Staff have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should we see fit.

As a user you agree to any information you have entered to being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, neither "DBZ Vortex", "phpBB" nor "Forumotion" shall be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

Warning System

We have 5 states of warning - Normal, Verbal Warn, Warning Lv 1, Warning Lv 2 and Banned.

Upon registering, you are given the status of Normal. No offences and a clean slate. If you commit a minor offence, you will be warned verbally (this will usually take place in the topic where the offence happen or privately via PM). Your status will then be changed to Verbal Warn.

If you continue to act out of line, or do an act that the Staff considers to be above minor, you will be pushed onto Warning Lv 1. This remains for a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 3 months of the status change, and is only removed if improvement is seen in your behaviour. This can range from baiting members into ban-territory situations, to general rudeness towards other members, to lack of regard for the sprite rules and disrespecting the staff. This is the rule of thumb area - it is up to the Staff member at hand or Administrators to use their own discretion and decide if you are warned.

Lack of improvement in your behaviour or repeat offences lead to the Warning Lv 2. From the moment it is set, it lasts for a minimum of 2 months and has no maximum set time. It will only be lowered after considerable change has been recognised by the staff in your attitude and behaviour.

Further offences leave you Banned. The time period of the ban is dependent on the degree of the offences committed up to that point - it can be 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month or even an IP Ban (permanent exclusion from DBZ Vortex). One large offence on Normal can bring you to the point of being Banned, so do not think that you need to progress through the levels in order to reach this punishable stage.

In the time that you are excluded from the forum, for whatever reason it is, we expect you to reflect on your actions and improve your behaviour. If we do not see said improvement upon your return, you will be re-banned with a lengthier sanction-time.